John Hughes Pitched Middle Aged ���Breakfast Club��� Sequel In Last Conversation With Original Star

Since 1990, the joke has been on us — or at least on our minds. Whether it's in our office hallways (not so much lately) or on Slack (too much lately), we at EW love to exchange favorite lines from our favorite comedies, bartering with each other for bigger laughs. As the magazine's 30th anniversary celebration continues, let's look back at the past three decades through the punchlines that defined them. When EW launched in 1990, sitcoms were on the cusp of a revolution, ushering in an era of comedy that would be more meta, more neurotic, more pop-culture-obsessed, more mocku-mentacular...if that were a word. ('More single-camera-y' doesn't roll off the tongue, either.) To narrow down this list, we had to set some parameters: We looked at half-hour comedies that defined the '90s and beyond (we love you, Cheers and The Golden Girls, but you were '80s trailblazers); no dramedies, sketch comedies, or late-night talk shows; and all of the jokes had to work on the page with little-to-no context. This isn't a list of the 30 funniest lines — that's an argument for another day — but rather 30 (okay, 31, because we had to include both Offices) glorious punchlines that we can't stop talking about, complete with tales from the creators, writers, and stars who brought these laughs to life.

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